I’ve been fortunate over the years to have had some incredible mentors and friends. Here is what Bob, Max and Seth have taught me, in that order:

Make a decision, don’t wait for perfection to take action and being perfect is boring..so here I go following directions…I’ve made the decision to start and now I’m writing, and according to Seth Godin’s definition of perfection, I’m definitely, not boring! :-)

Welcome to my blog, that I have been putting off until that perfect day when the stars align, my mind is clear and I have summoned enough wit, wisdom, and sage advise to create a lightening bolt to change the world!

Well, that hasn’t happened yet, but interestingly enough, Life has…and as I go on day to day, I continue to use and discover new tools, that help me return to my center, calm my thoughts and avail myself of my own guidance and information. (A very important detail, in my humble opinion, but more on this at a later date..)

And, I figured, you might need a few of these tools too, so why wait. They might not come to you perfectly packaged, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start using them. I can guarantee you, if you choose to use them they will work. They will, if even for a moment, bring you back to yourself, to begin anew…to take a breath, create space to reach for that next highest and best thought, idea or feeling. In other words, back to yourself and who you are meant to be on this planet.

It’s my hope, that if any of this speaks to you, you’ll join me in this journey. A path toward our next and best; step, thought or feeling…Life. And together, we can create a community to help and inspire each other and just as important,( laugh and have a whole lot fun too!)

If we can do this for one another, then I know I will be satisfied in my imperfection…:-).. What about you? I’d love to hear from you, especially, if you have just heard a great joke, preferably one that made you laughed so loud you had to look around after :-) …

And just one more request, if I may…I have found over the many years of teaching workshops and coaching groups, that our stories have tremendous power to heal and help our fellow imperfect friends. If you are willing to share and help, please post your stories here.

Thanks, so much for your time, I’ll look forward to hearing from you, in the meantime, be excited!