As some  of you may know, I’ve b51FA2Jzg4OL._SL300_een teaching the principles from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich for the last 10 years. And I’ve been sharing it with many of you as Bob Proctor taught it to me.  However, as the majority of my clients are women, I became aware that the older text was missing  context and examples for women. This new version, however, is geared toward our unique experiences as working women, mothers, etc.  It’s awesome!!

Napoleon Hill wrote his book back in the 30’s and he interviewed 500 of the most successful men of his time to discover the secrets to their success. Times were different then and there were not as many women to include in the mix. Now that there are far more women leaders, Sharon Lechter, a leader in her own right, has compiled more evidence of successes of the feminine persuasion 😉  and has been authorized by the Napoleon Hill Foundation to write Think and Grow Rich for Women. I can’t recommend it enough! (Read on to discover how you can study this awesome text with us)


Here’s a quick exercise from the book, to help you tap into your Burning Desire as discussed in Chapter 1.

Close your eyes and try to remember a time when someone has described you as one of the following:

Passionate. Driven. Purposeful. Focused. Committed. Determined. Motivated. Single-minded. Compelled. Doggedly in pursuit. Devoted. Consumed with obsession. Pledged. Steadfast. Unswerving. Staunch. Dedicated. Headstrong.

Record the activity, project, or goal to which they were referring. You may have several different answers. Review them and measure your emotional reaction to each. It may help you identify, or refine, your BURNING DESIRE.

Lauren’s Coaching Tip:

Pay attention to any interests you had as a child that still captivate your attention today.

Are there any activities that you did as a child that you can still do today and feel like you would never tire of them? These may also be clues as to what your true Burning Desire is!

Check to see if any of these match up with your answers to the first question.

Comment below and let us know what your Burning Desire is? We’d love to hear from you!